Ayone else hate Nolan's batman persona?

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I have to reply to everyone asking about Barbara Gordon. I believe in the comics the Batgirl Barbara Gordon was Jim Gordon's niece, not his daughter like in the Adam West Batman series and DCAU.

I was going to bring up Michael Bay's Transformers series as well and how he also missed the point of the franschise. We want more giant robot on giant robot violence in a movie about a war between giant robot.

Nolan created what on the surface was a Batman, but not THE Batman. Instead of going back to the League of Shadows, we could have had Bane bringing in this new drug called Venom, had Deathstroke or Zsasz running around murdering people, or had Black Mask or any number of non_powered mobster-like criminals fill in the vacuum caused by the events of the second game and the Dent Act.


No Venom.

It's nice to finally see the closest thing to the real Bane in that he's not some thug on Venom.
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I'd rather a classical or original (first appearance) interpretation of the character than any modern take. Venom Bane can be just as intellegent and cunning as Venom-less Bane. Superb fighter vs superb fighter OR superb fighter vs superb fighter with mild superhuman strength.

It would lead into why Nolan Batman would be saught to assist with a problem that Superman would need help with. Nolan Batman has nothing that could be of assistance to the Justice League.
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