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User Info: Haelion_

3 years ago#11
djprofessork1 posted...
You want Power Girl because of her boobs, dont you?


Though any female character without manface would be fine.
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User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

3 years ago#12
I'm just gonna guess I've either become blocked or people have completely ignored that link. If pretty much any DC female gets in that has gigantic breasts I shall know how to beat them! :0
"Pray not to have easier lives, but pray to be stronger men."- President John F. Kennedy.
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User Info: soujiro_junhua

3 years ago#13
I admin. Not going to lie.
But I must say,I also like Harley,WW and Catwoman alot. :3

I also start using Hawkgirl after I saw her ending in classic battle.She took off her mask,I was like...holysh*t..she's hot under the!
KillerFrost is fine with me.

The only female character that I don't bother is!
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User Info: Lun-Sei

3 years ago#14
And to be honest, this is why I am very veeeeery glad Batgirl got in instead of Power Girl.
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User Info: caffiend7

3 years ago#15
I hate power girl

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