blackest night skin, red son skins or arkham city skins for the arrow skin

#1RicoSuave92Posted 5/12/2013 9:22:06 PM
I would really like to get my hands on the arrow skin. I have the blackest night character skin, the red son character skins & 20 bonus star lab missions, arkham city character skins and the zombie mode also. I am even willing to give more than one of these packs for the arrow skin. If anyone is interested please get back to me asap because I REALLY want the arrow skin.

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#2MonkeyTeethPosted 5/12/2013 9:23:53 PM
#3RicoSuave92(Topic Creator)Posted 5/12/2013 9:29:18 PM
I only made a gamefaqs account to try to get the arrow skin lol.
#4MonkeyTeethPosted 5/12/2013 9:31:00 PM(edited)
RicoSuave92 posted...
I only made a gamefaqs account to try to get the arrow skin lol.

I bet you did.
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#6RicoSuave92(Topic Creator)Posted 5/12/2013 9:41:14 PM
lol you don't have to be a smart ass. my friend told me to try checking gamefaqs for the arrow skin so I made an account tonight to see if anyone would like to trade me for it for the skins I have to offer. trust me I wouldn't go out of my way to try to fraud someone for what will probably be released as a 3 dollar dlc skin in the near future lol. with that being said if anyone has the arrow skin and is SERIOUS about trading please message me asap. thank you!
#7daruler22Posted 5/12/2013 10:09:08 PM
It could be $3 dlc one day, but it averages close to $40 on eBay now. That's why people are so worried about trading with New Users.
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#8SubZeroX22Posted 5/12/2013 10:12:40 PM
This guy wanted to scam me, sending me an used PlayStation Card code, don't trust him, he's a scammer.

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#9RicoSuave92(Topic Creator)Posted 5/12/2013 10:17:03 PM
lol i didn't scam you if i clearly voluntarily sent you the code first. now i cannot message you back because i am a new user i can only send 10 messages within 24 hours apparently. the code i sent you was valid i tried to resend you the code through message but it wont allow me because i have reached my message limit (10 messages? really?) sorry for the inconvenience. you can email me at so we can try to resolve this. sorry again
#10RicoSuave92(Topic Creator)Posted 5/12/2013 10:19:52 PM
if you or anyone truly have the arrow skin and want to trade for what i have to offer we can even sykpe through the process with all the add on packs in my hands lol