ITT: We buff traits

#1CrabhammarPosted 5/20/2013 12:44:17 PM
Harley: Shows next object in the Bag-O-Tricks
Cyborg: No recovery time
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#2ZeroGravity38Posted 5/20/2013 12:45:47 PM
Aquaman: Stops Combos & Reflects Projectiles.
#3snicklecuckPosted 5/20/2013 12:46:20 PM
Aquaman: Cut recovery time of the trait in half.

Batman: the bat do not disappear when you are hit, and instead autofire.

Grundy: Standard chain pain has one hit of armor like the current meter burn version. New meter burn version has 5 hits of armor.
#4badjab326Posted 5/20/2013 12:47:01 PM
Batman: Bats don't go away when hit. Kappa
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#5Caolan_2k9Posted 5/20/2013 12:47:33 PM
Allows to add pressure, hit confirm, continue combos, start them and control space. Only need one to do all of that.
Oh wait yeah that already is his trait.B
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#6DarkJaydragonPosted 5/20/2013 12:47:52 PM
Flash : infinite speed-force.

Harley : Removes clothes with each use of the trait.
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#7DoukouPosted 5/20/2013 12:47:53 PM
Grundy: Lex gives him pants.
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#8redechidna16Posted 5/20/2013 12:48:53 PM
Flash: Lasts a few seconds longer and doesn't end on hit
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#9tonydominoPosted 5/20/2013 12:53:46 PM
I think the only way Cyborg's is going to mean anything is if it does healing over time (not by holding the button), like Harley's.

Or give him higher defense while receiving a predetermined amount of healing, but not extra offense.

Or if he had a shield similar to Lex except it can take a few hits before dissipating, allowing him to heal a small but reasonable amount for the effort.

IMO he has the weakest trait in the game as it does nothing to assist in the fight. It gives slivers of life back while being a stationary target.
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#10tonydominoPosted 5/20/2013 12:55:22 PM
ZeroGravity38 posted...
Aquaman: Stops Combos & Reflects Projectiles.

This lol and it doesn't have to be Arthur, but I mean somebody in the game should have the ability to reflect, right?
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