Who are your mains and why do you main them? ( BE HONEST)

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User Info: Kon-El

3 years ago#41
Wonder Woman - Because I love her more than anything in existence. <3

Superman - Because he's awesome, and my 2nd most favorite character.
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User Info: Necro_Fear89

3 years ago#42
My main is Catwoman, I love her trait and her in your face play style. She has potential for crazy fun combos, and she is my favorite Batman hero/villain.

I am a bit torn on who should be my backup character, I like Superman but at the same time I just tried out Flash and he seemed really fun to use. So I have yet to decide :(
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User Info: kantboy2

3 years ago#43

That's it.

User Info: Nubian-Smoke

3 years ago#44
Deathstroke = Zoning, trolling and making people rage quit. In some cases, people just give up and let me get a perfect in a 2nd round lol.
Catwoman = If I want to fight up close.
IGAU: Deathstroke, Catwoman MK9: Smoke, Reptile, Ermac

User Info: Xtreme65

3 years ago#45
Just got the game so I don't have any of the DLC characters yet. I want to play Scorpion though because he's been my main in all MK's except MK3 because he wasn't in the original version.

Right now my mains are.

Batman: Because it's the goddamn Batman.

Harley Quinn: Love her moveset. So far she's my best character.

Catwoman: Her playstyle reminds me of Wolverine in MvC and he is my main in that game so naturally I love how up in your face she is.

Green Lantern: I'm actually not to shabby with him. Haven't really figured out why yet. Maybe its that grab move.
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User Info: MonarchPaulos

3 years ago#46
I can't give away my secrets... I main no one =]
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User Info: MrSkorm

3 years ago#47
Initially it was Shazam but I think he sucks pretty bad now.

Moved onto Grundy because I said I would main him before release, used him for many, many hours.

Got bored of Grundy & moved onto Catwoman, instantly more fun the Grundy, became my most loved character, but no projectile sucks. But I had a party when they made her F1 an overhead.

Now I moved on to scorpion as I can play him like I do catwoman, they have the similar moves like b1 but scorpion has a projectile & is a lot easier to move in with. I still rate catwoman higher than scorp but it's a lot less frustrating when I play against some of my friends that sit full screen the entire match.

Sadly scorp comes with a reputation that bad spammers give him that I have to face abuse for even though I use his spear over tele. Like I said it's nice to have a projectile
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User Info: Catfishy93

3 years ago#48
cyborg - still learning his trait cancels but hes probly my best character because he is so agile, tactical, and versitile.

grundy- cant figure out that corpse walk cancle quite yet but hes also one of my best. dem grundy combos!

Joker- starting to get the hang of his parry but really it needs a buff... love his unblockable teeth set ups and his overall creepyness. also his super is so beast, full screen ranged super xD

Killer frost- slide U3 nuff said

sorta trying raven abit cuz i think shes under rated

i jump mains alot so probly more but i cant remember right now

User Info: KeJo6

3 years ago#49
Green Lantern because he's my favorite superhero
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User Info: RyuBKoumari

3 years ago#50
Batman - he is quick and can plat amazingly up close and his trait can help close the distance on spammers.

Aquaman - he has good range with his trident, his combos are strong, and his projectile special moves can really help in a pinch.

Solomon Grundy - cause Grundy don't stop, his grab trait is godlike and it really helps that his specials get added armor.

Batgirl- I just got the dlc so I still learning her, but she has fast combos and good 50/50s, plus teleport, but I don't spam.

Scorpion - liked him in MK9, in this game he feels more lighter on his feet and the j3 is very good

I am decent with Green Lantern, Superman, Joker, and Nightwing, and want to learn Catwoman and Harley Quinn.
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