Question Regarding PSN+ (May Involve Injustice In The Future)

#1SaiyanMexicanPosted 6/25/2013 1:48:42 PM
I was recently given a voucher for a free month of PS+ & I wanted to ask, if you download a game that they list for free for that month, like right now it's Saints Row III & xCom or something, does it appear in your Download List for you to go back in case you ever delete it & redownload it? I know that whatever you download under PS+ needs you to have an active PS+ Account to access it.
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It stays in your download list.
However, in order to play the games you got with PS+, you need to be subscribed.
So once your subscription expires you can no longer play them until you resub.
I believe you can still download them regardless of sub status.
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Many thanks, that's all I needed to know.