Your general opinion on players who pick cheap characters to win.

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i just hate when people pick superman or green lantern then brag after they win as if using braindead characters takes skill
you may beat me but im still better JUST because i use harley and flash

Oh get over yourself. That's one of the most ignorant things I've ever heard in my life and I've been on GFAQs for over a decade.

oh really? im pretty sure that if im dropping out 30-40% combos with harley with no effort and i lose because someones strategy is swordflip swordflip swordflip gunshot gunshot gunshot, or f2+3 f2+3 ice breath heat vison heat vison....

then yeah i obviously have more skill dispite the fact i lost.

Textbook scrub mindset

If you lose to swordflip and gunshots,etc....its because you are trash. Who you pick is irrelevant.
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I don't care who anyone picks. Lately I've been having a hard time dealing with spammers because most people online actually don't spam as much. I'm more used to good rushdown matches than block/dash spam tag.

Having said that though, if I notice someone like running away because their close-up game is worse than mine, I don't feel as bad when I lose. It's more like I lost a game of chase.
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I could care less who people pick, and what people think of me picking the people I pick, yes I main aquaman and play with grundy, nightwing, black adam, scorpion and green lantern to, cry all you want, it means nothing, imo only scrubs whine about such things.
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