To those complaining about Ben Aflack being Batman

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lumlumlummm posted...
Nobody thought RDJ could be Tony Stark since nobody thought of him as anything but a burnout loser, and hey, look at him now.

Heath Ledger was great as the Joker, and I still remember the people crying about 'bawwww that cowboy from brokeback mountain is the joker, fail nolan fail'

Chris Evans was great as Cap, and he was in the Fantastic Four films which were honestly worse than Daredevil. The only good things about the FF films was Michael Chiklis as Ben.


RDJ looks like exactly how TS would look in RL, well w/o the build of course, But still a match...CE played his part okay, but nowhere near great... MC as ben, yea, he did his job but just an okay one as well. The actors can only do so much, if the script/movie is bad becomes an instant fail with good effort from actors.

HL was a great joker, i never cried about him, he was relatively unknown to me which made him a great choice for me. But we all know BA very well, and even if he can pull off bruce wayne, we all have our doubts about being the bat because we do know him so very well. buuuuuut, it would be amazing if he pulled it off 100%. Make the audience go "now thats the goddamn batman!"
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