Anyone want to trade something for Infinite crisis beta key?

#1satat317Posted 9/11/2013 9:29:26 AM
I ask on this board because I know most of you love DC. Here I have one beta code for the game, infinite crisis. I'd like to trade for a $10 psn card bc I'm in need of one, but will also trade for other things if needed.
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#2Mister_SpykerPosted 9/11/2013 12:01:59 PM
I got one as well if any1's interested
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#3p0922Posted 9/11/2013 12:14:54 PM
did they send one to everybody who's signed up on wbid? i got one also pm me if anyone wants it i don't want anything tho.
#4DayManUHuhUUUHHPosted 9/11/2013 12:55:04 PM
Everybody and their grandma got one. These keys are worth nothing.
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#5p0922Posted 9/11/2013 1:03:44 PM
yeah and i'm not going to use mine ever. if anyone wants it let me know you can have it free. pm me.
#6ArkhamsWarriorPosted 9/11/2013 2:37:02 PM
Yeah same i got 3.
And they give you and extra one when you sign up.
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#7LordRattergunPosted 9/11/2013 2:53:49 PM
I have one too.
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