The skin boon was going to announce today.

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TC9834 posted...
At least the non-DLC characters can switch between the default skin and the insurgency/regime skin. I'm stuck with the default Lobo skin, and the player 2 default Lobo skin.

At the very least, they should give the DLC guys a hypothetical regime/insurgency skin, just for variety sake.

Technically all the DLC characters would need new "default" skins, as their Ladder endings indicate that the versions we are playing as are the ones from the Regime/Insurgency universe (except Scorpion, obviously). Batgirl, MMH, and Zatanna are all Insurgency, and Lobo and Zod would probably be considered Regime (Lobo's ending mentions taking contracts for the Regime's High Council before going off on his own, and Zod's ending has him usurping Superman's place in the High Council).

Also it's such a kick in the teeth that Sinestro's classic alt has been in the game since launch and they never made it usable.
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Megaton news!!