"WBID Link Failed"

#1GJGVSC_MysticJPosted 3/26/2014 9:50:17 AM
Hey there, everyone. I'm sure you guys get this topic a lot, but I'm pretty new to the IGAU scene so I guess it's only fair that I can get some help on this as well. Searching most of the Internet hasn't really helped me with this problem so I thought it was time to come to the Injustice Boards for some help.

As said in the title, linking my WBID account always results with a failure. I only got the game last night, so I have no clue if this involves things like servers or what-not. I have the mobile version of Injustice with unlocks waiting to be used on both console and mobile. Is there any help or advice you guys can give me regarding this? Thanks.
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