Can't load Green Arrow. Bug?

#1john099Posted 5/18/2014 1:37:06 AM
Hey I'm really new to Injustice and I just picked up the game last week. In Story mode I can't get past Green Arrow's chapter cause once he's about to fight Grundy the loading screen pops up and it load only like 1/8 of the bar. I thought the problem was with the story mode but then I tried using Green Arrow on single fight mode the loading screen before the fight won't load either so the problem's NOT the story mode. I tried using Green Arrow's alternate costumes (Insurgency and The Arrow) and they seem to load fine. I've also tried waiting for 4 hours for the said loading screen in story mode to load but it just won't budge -.- does anyone also experience this kind of problem? I know it's been a year since the game was released but I really hope I could get an answer for this. Thanks guys x) I got the ultimate Edition btw, if that makes any difference .-.