This game had/has a terrible community.

#21wpninjaPosted 8/17/2014 8:48:19 PM
Personally I love the community, it reminds me of Dark Souls during 75% or my invasions :p.
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BlackHawk23X posted...
ElectricFoxLex posted...
Oh wow, the community still hasn't changed after this long. That's quite something after what I've witnessed for the beginning.

What happened in the begining of the Community?

ElectricFoxLex was giving BJs to everyone in a fursuit as per usual.
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I'd just like to leave this message here from a guy I played against online. He'd always beat me by abusing jump ins, grabs and low kicks (also projects if available) in the most religious pattern possible. After I learnt the mechanics of the game and started to put some time into it, I came across him again and lo and behold, here he was using the same tactic again. Armed with my new knowledge and the mighty power of MB Cat Dash, I proceeded to beat seven flavours of chocolate-y goodness out of him. I then received this masterpiece:

"always the s me move I bored with you you r not a fighter"

Gotta love this community.
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Ok I had my first player match and the guy totally ragequit on me. What is the percentage of those type of people in this community? Because if it's all ragequitters....
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Call of Duty fans play Injustice. That explains everything.
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I've had a Deathstroke cuss me out for using Ares against him, but other than that I haven't gone through much hate mail.
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If you want to see hate mail then spam unblockables or whatever they are called in Tekken Revolution.
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