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Dont understand the whole DLC debacle... (Archived)
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powergirl skin (Archived)et8418/8/2013
For DLC I think they should just.. (Archived)
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Does the new STAR labs feature dlc characters in the archives? (Archived)moonlithunter28/8/2013
Just bought, question about online.. (Archived)Enevy58/8/2013
atrocitus as dlc ? (Archived)Kangaroomagic88/8/2013
Zatanna is the next character to be released. (Archived)DarkJaydragon98/8/2013
Atrocitus (Archived)
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Scorpion not being moved on character select screen *proof (Archived)kungfu12338/8/2013
Boon annonuced that Red Hood came THIRD in the poll (Archived)
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I'm sorry, but... man did Killer Frost get shoved in... (Archived)
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DLC Arrangement (If you skip characters) (Archived)Kagkbum48/8/2013
I guess 2 characters left? (Archived)KiwiKid98048/8/2013
so we are either getting 2 female villains, or 2 male villains (Archived)
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Starfire needs to be in this game NOW (Archived)Ace_of_Spades9038/8/2013
i played the game.. (Archived)lucapit108/8/2013
Imagine if CC2 made this game instead of NRS (Archived)
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How do you deal with Scorpion's teleport attack? (Archived)Ace_of_Spades9048/8/2013
i just watched the first episode of Static Shock for the first time. (Archived)p092288/8/2013
How come there isn't any jiggle physics in this game? (Archived)
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