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Mxyzptlk for dlc, whos with me! (Archived)KaiserLionheart88/8/2013
You know you've pissed someone off after a loss when... (Archived)haterade18728/8/2013
how do u get DR.fates head as an icon (Archived)bayleebgb158/8/2013
MMH had a ton of moves similar to other characters in the game, but... (Archived)
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Why are some people such Zatanna haters? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Boon: Bottom row needs love too! (Archived)Y2J122328/8/2013
Red Hood fanboys vs Zatanna fanboys (Poll)XdieX48/8/2013
Is there a picture of all the icons and backgrounds for the hero card? (Archived)plasma_kirby12318/8/2013
Zatanna has turned you into a newt. (Archived)L_M_478/8/2013
Robin (Poll)6PathsOfPain38/8/2013
Change of pace (Archived)dantedeschain1318/8/2013
when does Zatanna come to the psn store for dl (Archived)shads305558/8/2013
How often do you play Scorpion? (Poll)
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You know, NRS needs to work on their character designs (Archived)docman86418/8/2013
How many more characters would you need to be happy (if happy, then contempt)? (Archived)
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Hodor for DLC. (Archived)TheLazyClown88/8/2013
Congratulations, people with bad taste. (Archived)
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Who are the easiest characters to use? (Archived)
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Character select screen is locked? (Archived)Kcthanagarathos78/8/2013
Dont understand the whole DLC debacle... (Archived)
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