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What Would your reaction be.... (Archived)TremorVenom138/7/2013
Zatanna looks better then I expected!!!! (Archived)Bootychin8848/7/2013
....So people like Zatanna? (Archived)
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Hopefully Zatanna's Patch adds some more costume packs to the game (Archived)Miracle Max48/7/2013
Zatanna's release date (Archived)therochf38/7/2013
Spamtana, Scrubtana, Zatanoob? (Archived)Squekyduckquack38/7/2013
If Zatanna was a given a MAN face... (Archived)Yomamaseditsok88/7/2013
*waiting for Ed Boon to confirmed there is 1 more character coming" (Archived)
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Woh si eht rehtaew ni mathoG yadto (Archived)Thunder09798/7/2013
Dive kick, teleport, and ugliness... (Archived)DayManUHuhUUUHH108/7/2013
Why couldn't this be the first season pass NRS?!?!?!?!? (Archived)
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My hope in the DLC is basically gone. (Archived)
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So since Static got second place (Archived)UltimaXOmega28/7/2013
The Next 2 Dlc (Archived)TremorVenom148/7/2013
Wait a minute doesn't that mean the hero side is now complete? (Archived)
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i guess thats it huh no more dlc (Archived)drewdiesel58/7/2013
help me pick a character.. (Archived)ShiaCer28/7/2013
Think zatanna will get her 52 look? (Archived)XtsKezza98/7/2013
Why doesn't Zatanna look like a man? (Archived)istuffedsunny18/7/2013
Do you believe in magic? (Archived)XtsKezza18/7/2013
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