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StickyInjustice Combo Notation, Terminology and General Information V1.0 (Sticky)Haelion_96/10/2013
StickyNotice regarding the trading of iOS skins. (Sticky)Nhatters1314 (M)14/24/2013
Injustice VideosBellethor39/20 4:36PM
Character Discussion...Wicked_T_Wraith99/20 2:07PM
Rage Quitters, Trolls, And Everything Ugly: Utilize This Thread Heavily. USE IT!
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ]
Wicked_T_Wraith739/18 8:23PM
Just best the number one guy on ranked leaderboardsBellethor59/18 10:55AM
Combos hard for anyone else while online (latency-wise)?Tube_of_Noob29/15 12:33PM
Uh-Oh! Game Froze Up!Wicked_T_Wraith19/12 9:56AM
how do you prevent the opponent from quitting when you're winning? player match?Xbox-36O39/10 6:22AM
No more chatting in KOTH lobbies?TheKidIsGreen19/9 2:43PM
why do they even call them fighters anymore? (Archived)Degalon88/24 8:30AM
why would someone quit and take a +1 disconnect instead of a loss with some xp (Archived)Xbox-36O38/22 7:45PM
Sluggish movement? (Archived)DusterZeroG38/13 10:41AM
Just bought this...how to get better? (Archived)MKFAN2348/9 6:20PM
Trade accounts (Archived)doc18k18/9 4:51PM
Sequel Characters (Archived)Outsider122078/8 2:12AM
Boost for beyond/met (Archived)FonzHom58/6 8:55PM
Does the AI difficulty decrease if you lose? (Archived)Roook3528/6 7:15PM
Standard vs Ultimate Edition (Archived)Stroke_Of_Death38/1 12:09AM
Bounce Cancel? (Archived)NorskeMan57/30 7:02PM
Wonder Woman's boobs are so big (Archived)Roook3537/30 12:47PM
Been away for a while...a long time. Question about online (Archived)Maverickneo27/30 7:14AM
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