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4 years ago#1
On the fence whether I should get this or not. I've played all of the main games since DW2, but am sporadic when it comes to the xtreme/empires games. I did play DW6:E though, which was the first "empires" game I played.

I found it really fun when you kick start a new game, but it did get extremely easy once you become the clear superpower. The problem is that when it does get easy it still took a good while to conquer China, and it just became tedious steamrolling every last kingdom.

Also, I wish it let you bring more officers. 8v8 with only 4 non-generics each made it feel more like a skirmish than a major battle. I'm pretty sure every major battle in the main series had in the range of 25-35 officers. Also, why the 4 non-generic limit? There's SO many unique generals in the game than ever before. It's a shame each side is forced to use half their army as generics....

In any case, does this game address any of my gripes? Also, what other new and notable features does this have compared to 6?
4 years ago#2
You can use up to 8 Unique Playables/CAW in battle now. Plus with the General replacement feature, you can replace everyone and have an Empire playthrough with nothing but CAW.

Most of what's new with the game can be found here:

As well as what updates to expect:

Having played DW6E, you'll be able to easily discern what's new with this installment from those sites. I definitely think it's worth getting.
4 years ago#3
Thanks for the answer :)
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