So, gay weddings are possible in this game...

#21SAO_SouthernerPosted 2/26/2013 4:42:03 AM
That wasn't very gay. See, Koei was smart enough to leave all the couple scenes really tame so if you screw with the gallery, you don't get anything out of it.
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Orange00 posted...
I don't get all the fuzz over gay weddings? Could two people of same sex marry each other in ancient china? No? Then why should they in DW??

Because I'd like to have the option...and besides, they didn't have machine guns, rocket-powered lances, katanas, tonfas, or boomerangs in ancient China...

Historical accuracy in Dynasty tell the funny stories and make the people laugh...
#23ScrappyDingoPosted 2/26/2013 6:12:51 AM
So can you marry multiple people like in the time of the real Three Kingdoms?

Anyway, disappointed in the tame wedding scenes and lack of same sex marriage. I wanted to see Xiao Qiao passionately kiss her one true love, Da Qiao.
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Daniel_Maku posted... (Look at 1:33)

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Unfortunately, it's still one spouse and two bros...
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quanticdream posted...
Unfortunately, it's still one spouse and two bros...
yeah, the wife/husband could be a loveless arrangement for popping out babies and keeping up social and political appearances

but as for the sworn brother/sister(s)

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For the sake of realism, not to be homophobic, but hear me out. They should have included a feature, where if two men and/or women married, then some of the other lords get offended at it, and launch an assault. It would be slightly realistic, -_o .
#28ScrappyDingoPosted 2/26/2013 12:01:38 PM
quanticdream posted...
Unfortunately, it's still one spouse and two bros...

They should at least be realistic and let your leader have multiple wives. Or at least a couple of mistresses on the side.

The world at the time didn't really have that big of a problem with same sex relationships. It was just you generally didn't marry them. You married a woman and then kept a young male lover on the side. At least it was this way in Europe. Even a young Julius Caesar was captured somewhere in Asia I believe and supposedly was the male lover of some powerful person for a while. And while it was much much later, didn't Nobunaga Oda have Ranmaru Mori as his lover while married?

I presume this was much like how some male animals have sex with other males of the same species for entertainment (seriously, I think it's at least dolphins and some type of primate who do) and have sex with females of the species for baby making.

Realistically, this game should allow same sex lovers, allow mistresses on the side, and allow sibling marriage. Then again, I don't think Koei is trying to be too deep with this mechanic. They're just giving you a chance to create a CAW and then marry your favorite Dynasty Warriors girl (or man).
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Nobunaga/Ranmaru relationship is what made me so interested in the Warring States period of Fuedal Japan. Its kinda sad and romantic how loyal Ranmaru was. :3
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