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Game is not on psn today

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4 years ago#1
game is not on psn today

4 years ago#2
PSN doesn't update at 10:30 AM Eastern Time.

4 years ago#3
Is this a thread for misinformation?

Game will only have 5 playable characters.


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4 years ago#4
Ni no Kuni didn't come up until like 7-8 PM EST. Hopefully this will come up sooner than that, but I just go with the assumption that it won't be up until late at night.
4 years ago#5
Game was deleted from history. Enjoy.
4 years ago#6
The multiplayer has been cut from the NA version as well.

RIP Companion Cube - Best of Friends Forever
4 years ago#7
English dub has been added

It is time to unleash the Wrightness
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4 years ago#8
I am eating an orange and about to go on my break.

Don't worry, just breathe. If its meant to be, it will always find its way.
4 years ago#9
hahahaha...damn bought psn card 50 ,,should just get my ass to town and buy it.

4 years ago#10

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  3. Game is not on psn today

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