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ai kingdoms and ai vagabond units? (Archived)vox16623/16 12:25PM
Animals (Archived)Seanshineyouth12/19 11:28AM
I finally got my platinum (Archived)yugiohmurray12/18 5:18PM
Empires update. DW8 Empires new info and details (Archived)xenosaga12312/11 12:05PM
Anyone have an idea what "Online only stages is"? (Archived)vox16632/4 9:35PM
new DW8 Empires stream video shows english gameplay shown (Archived)xenosaga12311/8 12:19PM
just a reminder, DW8 Empires doesn't have english VAs. (Archived)xenosaga123112/31 8:46PM
Sill playing online? (Archived)ZanHanashi612/26 10:27PM
DW8 Empires getting English voices + dual audio (Archived)xenosaga123312/1 8:31PM
quick anwser needed please (Archived)harlyteitch211/30 3:47PM
Bonds and Serving under a Ruler (Archived)Coyote Kid311/24 12:09PM
DW8 Empires trophies in English (Archived)xenosaga123211/18 11:57AM
Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires releasing january 27 and 30, 2015 :) (Archived)xenosaga123911/18 11:56AM
DW8 Empires Official Site in English (Archived)xenosaga123111/14 8:54AM
a positive interview and more information about Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (Archived)xenosaga123111/12 12:35PM
Famitsu and Dengeki are giving the wrong message about DW8E (Archived)xenosaga123211/12 9:10AM
Staff Edit CAW Request (Archived)Koshosho611/5 8:20AM
Love Confession Quotes (Archived)NaWDorky1011/2 10:39PM
Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires confirmed for oversea release! (Archived)Orcinus_Tooth1010/30 6:47AM
video of DW8E edit demo child and updates (Archived)xenosaga123110/22 9:49AM
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