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Empires update. improved (Archived)xenosaga12328/20 12:22PM
Lu Bu's weapon style massively OP (Archived)Philogosten18/16 2:33PM
What are your favorite made up couples in the game?? (Archived)razzygirl38/9 2:40AM
new site update with new screens (Archived)xenosaga12318/8 7:34AM
Battle of Fan Castle (Archived)PrinceChimera38/7 12:47PM
new Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires update (Archived)xenosaga12328/6 12:24PM
Wonder why I didn't get orderly ending (Archived)Mikeugame27/26 9:32AM
An error has occured? (Archived)GodzFollower17/25 6:19AM
DW 7 Empires save files can be used in DW 8 Empires ^_^ (Archived)xenosaga12377/24 7:49PM
Empires update. DW8 Premium box and 3D cards (Archived)xenosaga12317/23 10:16AM
Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires announced!!!! You can have children (Archived)
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xenosaga123327/22 3:03AM
I have a couple questions about this game (Archived)cybersavior37/14 7:34PM
DW8 Empires date and new images (Archived)xenosaga12337/11 7:56AM
Common officer replacement question (Archived)miketheratguy27/8 4:00PM
How does Joint Attack work? (Archived)LordNosnikta27/6 7:05PM
new DW 7 Empires sale!!!! (Archived)xenosaga12317/2 7:18AM
Game returned to main menu mid-loading screen... (Archived)Gigant0pithecus36/30 3:03PM
Power and Middle type wep on Chaos (Archived)misterbean0746/30 2:02PM
Where can you find Wang Yuanji in empire mode? (Archived)ultra-haru66/28 9:18PM
Did they ever release the preorder dlc? (Archived)vox16616/25 8:23PM
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