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What DLCs from past games are used with Empires? (Archived)Shinki_of_Makai510/21/2013
So appearently the game can make fun of itself (Archived)BustadWolf410/16/2013
will there be any new dlc (Archived)Haseo83349/25/2013
xu shu outfit (Archived)Haseo83329/23/2013
guan yu isnt qualified enough for me to earn unparalleled warrior trophy? (Archived)messatsu999939/19/2013
One more for Platinum... won't trigger the trophy. (Archived)Kentathon49/18/2013
about the negotiator trophy (Archived)messatsu999969/18/2013
Weapons with different animations when injured (Archived)BustadWolf29/17/2013
Circle Blade (Archived)JohnyFarce19/17/2013
Officers you most enjoy killing (Archived)kaoz6667049/15/2013
Speed Runs (Archived)JohnyFarce39/13/2013
So DID we ever get that patch? (Archived)HappyDude6959/12/2013
Anyways to get rid of turn limit??? Past 234 a d (Archived)Alissa_flashh59/10/2013
One last Unique Generic? (Archived)
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Dear speed lovers, did you also make this stupid decision? (Archived)Mega_Skrull28/28/2013
Weird constant "hsssssssss" nise in some skirmishes? (Archived)Mega_Skrull78/26/2013
How similar to Rot3K is the empire building/managing features of this game? (Archived)the_old_days58/16/2013
The funny/interesting DW7E moments thread (Archived)Orcinus_Tooth48/13/2013
Do you fight alone in this game? (Archived)Da-Wei68/13/2013
Why do you guys play on Hard or Chaos mode? (Archived)Pvt_r3d78/13/2013
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