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Has anyone NTR'd any of the famous wives of the RTK ? (Archived)
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What Dynasty Warriors will be the one where every officer is unique? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
unlockable officer equipments? (Archived)dyingspartan53/5/2013
Is there any CAW Sets that can only be unlocked by doing something? (Archived)Scipio198923/5/2013
Siege Spear Combo? (Archived)rfja08hht34a93/5/2013
cat ears (Archived)chimpe212143/5/2013
couple quick questions I couldn't find using search (Archived)
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How do you capture officers in battle? (Archived)
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Online, how does it work and is it only for battle? (Archived)ArachnidsForger23/5/2013
Xu Shu is fun. (Archived)
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Best officers? (Archived)
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I'm forced to use the ANALOG stick AGAIN to move in combat? (Archived)
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So I just tackled Chaos... (Archived)
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DW8 All Character Moveset Showcase (Archived)s_dubs53/5/2013
Gotta say, playing as a strategist is loads of fun. (Archived)Iwantedzero53/5/2013
hows the double pike (Archived)resevil6793/5/2013
Unlock voices gallery (Archived)TemplarLord53/5/2013
i hate you kindness... (Archived)dawnset33/5/2013
i prefered the old system. (Archived)jdw100563/5/2013
Video Output (Archived)jincorv153/5/2013
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