Stuck in the beginning of "Taming Of Gollum" with fishing pole

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4 years ago#1
Help. I'm stuck.

I have the rope, I have the hook, and I have the stick, but I can't "merge" the three items to create a fishing pole.

How do I do this?
4 years ago#2
Make sure the same character has all three. Let Frodo have the rope then when he picks up the
hook it lets you combine those two. Then give him the stick and you'll have your fishing pole.
4 years ago#3
I had the rope but not the string. I had to pull down the rocks. Problem solved, thanks for the help.
4 years ago#4
I am also seriously stuck on this part.

I have the rope & hook (Frodo is carrying it) and Sam has a purple thing that looks like a stick.
Yet when I go to his inventory he does not have a stick.

Maybe a "what do you do" list would be helpful?

I used the elven rope to pull a hook on the cliff near Golum (after I fed him one fish).
Used it to climb up on that cliff & broke the entire tree.
Went in the cave (nothing in there I can do)
Kept going to the fishing spot to try to fish, but all they do is go "huh"?


Will be taking a break & watching a movie, so if anybody has any info, let me know.

Thanks in advance!
Toho's Godzilla Will Live Forever
4 years ago#5
So I quit & restarted the section (boy are those save things useful in this).
Somehow I had lost the stick, cause I did it this time & it worked.

If anybody else is having problems do this:

Avoid Gollum's thrown fish & wait till he throws a gold fish.
Grab it & throw it back, he catches it & climbs down to eat.
Use elven rope with Sam to tie him up.
He jumps on you so use attack button to get him off.
Then he jumps back on the wall.
Use shovel to dig nearby to uncover hook for rope, build it.
Use rope on hook to get hook item.
Then go to the left a bit to jump up on some ledges, use rope to climb up.
Smash the tree until you see a stick, grab it & combine with hook.
Switch to Frodo & use the light vial to go into cave.
Find rope/string item. Combine with other items to make Fishing Rod (treasure box item).
Use rod to get Gold fish.
Repeat throwing fish, tieing up Gollum, fighting Gollum.
Use Fishing Rod again & do the above one more time.

Blam, Gollum is "nice" now!
Toho's Godzilla Will Live Forever
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  3. Stuck in the beginning of "Taming Of Gollum" with fishing pole

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