Where is Hama?

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3 years ago#1
He's one of the last characters I need to purchase but I can't find him.

He's supposed to be inside Edoras, but he's nowhere to be found, night or day. Setting the destination doesn't help either as the navigation studs lead to nothing.
3 years ago#2
He's behind the buildings. Sort of in the southwest of the town.

- Chris
3 years ago#3
He's behind the building where you have to plant the flowers to open a Fetch Quest.

Real easy to spot him on top of one of those lookout points.
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3 years ago#4
There was this "sealed with boards" sort of entrance that had caused this sort of issue for me as well. Looked like a mine entrance. Some collect able is just inside this small zone just at BOTTOM of slope.

Unsure of whether inside side of wall or out of town. Ended up having to rotato the camera.
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