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User Info: YokaiHunter

4 years ago#1
I have have been seeing claims of glitches with the handheld games, but I am not sure if any are widespread. They seem game cartridge specific. I am wondering if I have a glitch with Gollum, or if Gollum just doesn't function the same as other characters because he is not a standard minifigure.

Problems I have noticed:
I can select Gollum when I begin Free Play, but if I do not and he doesn't come up in my party I cannot select him later via Super Free Play. Likewise, if I do select him, I cannot change the slot that has Gollum to a different character via Super Free Play, although I can switch to a different character in my party.
In Free Play levels and Super Free Play "safe zone" levels such as Rivendell, Gollum can only climb "fishbone walls" and throw objects. When i get close to a fishing rod zone or digging zones or crawl spaces and I don't have Sam or Merry in my party, the super free play suggests Gollum (not just Smeagol). If I already have him in my party and I select him, he can't fish, dig, or climb through crawl spaces.

Also, on a side note, when I get next to a burning fire, sometimes the hint will say that I need to unlock a character to perform "that" ability. Is there a character that can put out fires or is this another glitch?

User Info: heathmuir

4 years ago#2
pippin can put out fires with his buckets of water. most notably you will need this in the pass. i also could never fish with gollum, so i just used merry. i have not had any of the other problems you mentioned. although sometimes i had to jump like 6 times to get gollum to climb a fish wall.

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