I personally am excited for this game.

#1SetzeraPosted 8/6/2012 1:29:41 PM
This of course depends on the price it's released at, I waited until SC 1 dropped to about $10 to pick it up last week. I probably wouldn't wait as long for this one, but I'll tell you why I'm excited.

Well.. of the games I've tried for the Move so far, SC 1 had the most accurate usage of the controller I've seen. Everything you do is 1:1 with what happens on screen, while other games there are a few rough spots that could use a little fixing.

MLB '12 only requires a wrist flick and not a full swing, although a full swing still works just as well. House of the Dead 4 is fun to play, but admist all the zombies it's hard to tell if the cursor is still lined up in the center. Cabela's DH 2011 is accurate but the default controls still make using their Top Shot Elite the best choice if you want to reload and switch weapons easier. The Fight, while 1:1 in accuracy, doesn't seem to always keep up with the speed of your punches, then again.. perhaps I need to level up my character in-game speed before I can judge this one.

My main point isn't to bash other games though. Just to mention that on SC 2 the Golf will be better suited to Move than Tiger Woods or John Daly's golf games, as Boxing may be even better at throwing punches than The Fight, and Bowling.. well I'm not sure if Move has a Bowling counterpart on the PS3 yet, but I love Bowling. I'm not really looking forward to Skiiing, and Archery is fun but I don't play it often on SC 1 for some reason so it's hard to say if the updated one will be more fun.

This isn't something I'd drop $40 on, but it looks like a game I'll 100% be getting at the right price. $20 - 30.