Help with punches to the body in boxing

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4 years ago#1
Okay, I primarily bought this game for the boxing mini game. Landing punches to an opponents head is a cinch, as is guarding the head.

Punching to the body is giving me some trouble. To hit, I need to punch reall REALLY low-- as in way below the belt. Same with guarding the body, I need to drop my guard so low that my elbows are quite a few inches below my waist.

Any pointers for how to fix this? Step closer to the Eye? Farther away? Any sensitivity settings within the game that can be adjusted.

Overall, pretty fun, just want to get a little more accuracy in the low punches.

4 years ago#2
just an idea - maybe crouch a bit when you calibrate the move controller(s) when you turn it on. I know easy to stand straight up when calibrating, but then get into to fighting position when playing.
4 years ago#3
The "calibration" at the beginning is just choosing what color to make the Moves (so that they stand out against your backdrop). Crouching wouldn't make a difference. Standing closer to the PS Eye or pointing it upwards might though.

I'll mess with this but I totally get what you mean. Sort of the drawback of the new "no calibration" thing as the game doesn't measure your arm length anymore.
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