Japanese PSN cards and where to get them?

#11Pereb27Posted 11/23/2012 11:55:53 AM
Breyant posted...
Yep I'm sure. I contacted them, they said they're waiting on new stock.

Well, that makes sense. Since they're based on Hong Kong, it takes them a while to get stuff from Japan, unfortunately.
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Pereb27 posted...
It depends on the time you order. If there's nobody in their offices when you do you'll have to wait till the next morning (in their timezone), and that applies to both PA and JC. JC delivers during week-end though, PA doesn't.

GTM+1 for me. I've ordered from both of them during day, night and past midnight and PA has been always faster than JC.
Though I remember JC being way faster than it is now when Xillia 1 came out... I used to get my codes within minutes.
And I didn't know about the weekend delivery. That's something I'll have to remember next time.
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Hevu posted...

And I didn't know about the weekend delivery. That's something I'll have to remember next time.

Actually, I just rechecked my previous orders to make sure. I thought I ordered from them on a Friday night/Saturday and got the code within 30 mins, but it was a Friday morning. <.< Sorry about that, lol.

Well, if you want week-end instant delivery, there's PCGameSupply, but they only have 1000 and 3000yen and the 1000 one is ridiculously overpriced. Also, as said above, they seem to have issues lately, so I dunno.
Could always give Japan Codes a shot if you try to order during a week-end anyway. You know that with PA you have to wait till the next Monday anyway.
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I also personally recommend Japan Codes above the other options, they are most reliable overall and with the better prices. And yes, there are times when Play-Asia won't send you the code for that 5-15 days indicated :\
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Okay, I can now confirm Japan Codes delivers on Saturday (not sure about Sunday). I got 1000 yen from them just now, that I ordered an hour and a half ago.

(I really need to stop buying costumes x.x)