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User Info: Dreexpuppy

2 years ago#1
Did this game make you cry at any point...?

I confess Ludger killing Julius literally had me streaming with tears]

User Info: LightOfJudgment

2 years ago#2
While I never cried, the game certainly gave me "feels."
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User Info: LuciusFTW

2 years ago#3
Nah. I was kinda sad at Ludger killing Julius, but that's only because I really like Julius. >_>

Ultimately, I don't think the plot had enough development. Too many disjointed threads that don't get enough build-up. I thought the game would be more depressing than it was. :p
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User Info: BTzz

2 years ago#4
LightOfJudgment posted...
While I never cried, the game certainly gave me "feels."

Yea, crying is a stretch, but basically every scene from Chapter 11 onwards was ****ing hard to watch. Just Elle getting punched in the face emotionally for like 4 chapters, then Ludger for the last 2.
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User Info: jonnovision1

2 years ago#5
no, I usually don't get too emotionally invested in games in general
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User Info: Dualgunner

2 years ago#6
Both Xillia and Xillia 2 had moments that made me tear up.
Ludger. Because guns. -Noobverest

User Info: sweq32

2 years ago#7
The only game that has made me cry is Mother 3. This one had some emotional moments but nothing that jerked at my tears.
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User Info: peter_888

2 years ago#8
I probably say I teared up a bit in certain parts of the game, which is pretty rare for me.
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User Info: aquamafia

2 years ago#9
Once the credits hit.

That music man...
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User Info: Noobverest

2 years ago#10
Nope didn't feel a thing.

only game i remember making me slightly emotional was I think call of duty ghosts?

Think they killed a dog and i was like NOOOOO WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a dog so yea :')
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