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Why is Gaius in this game? Spoilers in caseWizardofHoth512/13 1:04AM
Just started Tales of Xillia 2. What's the point of the Orbs and leveling up?WizardofHoth512/11 10:45AM
Unable to load save file due to lack of DLC, please help.Crimsin_Giblet212/6 8:26AM
About Bisley. *spoilers obvi*VirtualCalamity611/26 5:30AM
Am I supposed to understand the plot after beating the game once? *spoilers*
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
FinnBalor1111/26 5:24AM
X2 HentaiTheNoMoreH3ro511/24 12:32PM
Does levelling up not increase SP?LeBronHendrix611/23 10:37PM
Did anyone else think that the story was gonna do this...?*spoilers*LeBronHendrix611/23 4:13AM
Cutscenes are suddenly 60 FPS *minor spoilers*FinnBalor411/22 8:38PM
Is there a good job board faq?LeBronHendrix111/22 12:17PM
Luger better with guns or blades for weapons?WizardofHoth811/18 8:58PM
Comprehensive guide on How to Ludger! *spoilers*Innerscope611/18 2:17PM
About the Lord of Links titleAce_Defective511/14 10:17PM
Was Jude nerfed in this game?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
LeBronHendrix3311/11 7:03PM
Question on red Sidequest. First time playerGreekGod88311/10 8:45PM
missed Milla's first 3 story chapters, will my completed ones carry over?GuyverAssasin411/10 8:38PM
Doing all of the Characters quests post game *spoilers*FinnBalor111/9 10:46AM
Grind to 200 on New Game, help?icetiten411/8 9:21AM
The fastest way to farm Gald. Period.Sardrellas1011/5 2:06AM
Oh god even more titles, AND ITS WORSE NOW!firegod69211/4 8:29PM
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