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Question about a certain boss... (SPOILERS INSIDE) (Archived)PlzBeQuiet33/22 8:05PM
Does Ludger develop or no? (Archived)Soul59103/22 7:36PM
Would you have rather had: what we have now, or a 'Completed' Xillia (spoiler) (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
LagoonTheCursed243/22 2:37PM
So I was doing Character episodes.. (Milla spoilers?) (Archived)BDJayce43/22 12:23AM
What are some good/easy bread and butter combos for Jude, Alvin and Rowen? (Archived)inSONICniac103/21 3:29PM
Unlock elite mode in Coliseum (Archived)chavin333/21 3:25PM
what's a good spot to check for bacura and bronze bacura? (Archived)GateOfDestiny23/21 8:29AM
what do the ancient bell prize items do? (Archived)GateOfDestiny33/20 11:01PM
Xillia 2's postgame is terrible (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Sky Render243/19 10:17PM
trophy disaster (Archived)ManaBlast43/19 6:33PM
How I'm I suppose to beat chapter 12 now? *minor spoilers* (Archived)SockNight33/19 4:47PM
why aren't I seeing the sealed weapons? (Archived)GateOfDestiny63/19 10:49AM
Why'd they have to do that? (Archived)TheTruGammer43/19 7:41AM
So regarding character episodes... (Archived)NovaWingz33/17 4:47PM
Okay seriously creeped out! (spoilers) (Archived)misnamed73/16 8:27PM
Normal Ending is kind of creepy (spoilers) (Archived)GateOfDestiny93/16 8:07PM
can I get both normal and true ending in the 1st playthrough? (Archived)GateOfDestiny103/15 7:38PM
Just got the game can i get some advice on.. (Archived)NovaWingz33/15 4:52AM
Wheeee.... the ToX 2 weakness combo system is SO fun! ^o^ (Archived)elyoun33/14 1:38PM
How do you unseal? (Archived)TheDarxHero43/14 9:56AM
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