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is there a way to turn off this annoying debt payment prompt (Archived)stabito89/15 1:43PM
NG+ Panic Question (Archived)Philcollins-69/15 1:29PM
The most disappointing part of this game honestly tbqh *SPOILERS* (Archived)Scintillant79/15 1:24PM
Can't unlock the Stratos-Fear title. (Archived)Jurck59/15 1:04PM
Leia's Elongating Staff Trophy (Archived)bond00710649/15 12:33PM
PGD (Post Game Depression) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]
shiva639/15 12:27PM
Rollo's owner skit. (Archived)TheMKDestroyer89/15 12:00PM
Carry over data (Archived)SacredTwo29/15 11:50AM
does the game re-use any of the boss fight music? (Archived)invictius59/15 11:49AM
Any EX Dungeon tips? Whats the deal with the lights and the big sandy area? (Archived)ionlyplayoneasy39/15 11:12AM
this quote made me understand jrpg's perfectly (Archived)invictius59/15 10:40AM
The True Final Boss and the Bad Ending (spoilers) (Archived)Eli_Sanchez99/15 10:28AM
NG + speedrun 10x exp or continue post game? (Archived)RedSpade271269/15 10:07AM
Elite power point? (Archived)XcZeus346959/15 10:02AM
Was I underleveled? Muzet *spoilers* (Archived)saint3569/15 9:44AM
about dlc (Archived)Gamehead8829/15 8:27AM
does anyone.... (Archived)Gamehead8849/15 8:07AM
Fastest way to get to 200? (Archived)MariaAlteration59/15 7:37AM
what's the name of the boss music at the end of rowen's chapter 1? (Archived)invictius49/15 7:22AM
Started post game, still can't get into Julius' room. SPOILERS (Archived)gamer687940333349/15 7:20AM
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