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2 years ago#1
at the moment.
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2 years ago#2
codebreak1337 posted...
at the moment.

i think so
2 years ago#3
Yeah as of now it's the #1 competitor in my book. Gonna be a long year though guys.
2 years ago#4
No chance. It's solid, but it's not any different than the old games. Very linear shooter. Fun while it lasts but very restrictive and limited on replays.
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2 years ago#5
Mantiso posted...
No chance. It's solid, but it's not any different than the old games. Very linear shooter. Fun while it lasts but very restrictive and limited on replays.

Hmm, not entirely. It depends how you want to play the game. Sure it's based on replays but I personally can find myself playing this thru again and again due to weapon customization. I could go say shotgun/seeker rifle only, or melee weapons all the way(except certain bosses & such). Or I could do just simply revolvers only. The ideas are there floating in the head. It's all how you want to play the game.
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2 years ago#6
I am going to say no since there are a lot of competition especially the Last of Us, Tomb Raider, MGR and some other game including the x-box 360 due to it is both PS3 and Xbox 360.

The game is almost the same as the previous. The game had a mix of slow and high tension+suspense that it didn't go way overboard like RE6 (if people didn't complain with too much change). Story seem ok but didn't blow our mind. Fighting against human enemy seem easy than expected since this wasn't like a dash-cover-shoot type of game.

Two potential are the weapon craft in making whatever weapon you like and co-op. I think co-op would be the best feature of this game. Unlike other when there is co-op partner, most offline and non-split-screen game usually have an AI partner to make the game like a two players game. This doesn't follow the same concept where the game could be play solo and it almost entirely different when play co-op with new conversation and co-op mission made it shine.

Unfortunately, the co-op was short. If only there was a different cutscene where Carver had his own point of view/cutscene instead of the game revert most of the time to Isaac point of view. Playing co-op made the stage or enemy appearance to be entire differently than in some area. Carver dementia occurred outside of co-op mission where Carver player sometime see Isaac player as a monster or undead guy in a space suit.
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2 years ago#7
Well currently there hasn't been much to give it much competition, a lot of mediocre games out except maybe Tomb Raider. That being said It was the worst in the series hands down, it was a critical flop by fans and pros. The future will put this game to shame with games like gta 5, beyond two souls, Last of Us. This game won't even be in the running.
2 years ago#8
7-8/10 isn't a flop. Just saying.
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2 years ago#9
xReflectingGodx posted...
7-8/10 isn't a flop. Just saying.

In general no it's not , but considering the first 2 games with 50+ reviews are at about a 90%, comparativley not good. Plus the outcry of moving from it's horror roots and turning more into a shooter was pretty much unanimous. EA as usual dropped the ball on a once great franchise.
2 years ago#10
Mantiso posted...
No chance. It's solid, but it's not any different than the old games. Very linear shooter. Fun while it lasts but very restrictive and limited on replays.

WTF are you talking about? Linear?

Have you even played DS3? Because I think not.

Linear mean progression without the ability to go back to visited areas...

Also one word... sidemissions.
What linear shooter has sidemissions you can go back and play at anytime during the story?

Aaaaaaand 3 modes besides the regular play through. Restrictive and limited on replays really?

Please play the actual game, then form an opinion, instead of reading shlump game reviews and playing a demo.
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