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3 years ago#1
In Dead Space 3 We Finally get to design our own weapons from scratch at a Weapons Bench so everyone can create their necromorph killing machine. For example a line gun with a ripper as secondary fire or a pulse rifle that sets necromorphs on fire, just about anything can be created: if you dream it you can build it.

My Weapon idea, a launcher that shoots detonator mines and secondary fires line gun mines with a attachment that protects users from mine explosions.
3 years ago#2
plasma cutter + ripper and ITS CLOBBBBERING TIME!
3 years ago#3
Another idea: Machine Gun With Incendiary rounds + Flamethrower = Necromorph BBQ!
3 years ago#4
i just want to put a plasma cutter on my plasma cutter. But of course that won't be an option. God forbid.
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3 years ago#5
I'll probably put my Plasma Cutter with either a Pulse Rifle or a Line Gun. The automatic fire to slow down hordes would be nice, but I also really like the mines with the Line Gun.
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3 years ago#6
Here's another: Fast Firing Gun that Fires Rivets very fast With a Javelin Gun as Secondary. I call this weapon the Bolter.

Note: It was confirmed that you can name and save blueprints of the weapon so everyone can share your guns.
3 years ago#7
Ripper plus Javelin Gun = Pin em down and rip them apart. Although my logic may be flawed. If an enemy was strong in DS2, didn't a javelin shot just sort of stun them?
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3 years ago#8
Plasma Cutter + Plasma Cutter = Cross Plasma Cutter

-allows you to shoot in shoot in 'X' or '+' alignment, can pierce through 2-3 enemies. More powerful than a fully upgraded PC, but consumes two rounds per shot and firing speed will be one level slower.

Plasma Cutter + Force Gun = Force Cutter

-Primary is PC, Secondary is FG, Precision weapon with crowd control. PC remains the same, but blast radius of the FG is reduced a bit.

Ripper + Flamethrower = Flame Ripper

-Primary is Ripper. Secondary fire super-heats the circular blade for heavy damage, blade duration is reduced by 50%.

Contact Beam + Rivet Gun = Claymore Gun

-Primary fire is an extra large, wide-range shot using multiple rivets. No charge needed, holds twice the rounds of a fully upgraded CB, but CB damage is reduced by 50%.

-Secondary fire is an omni-directional blast of rivets that deals heavy damage.Uses four rounds per shot.
Kokowa Dakoda...
3 years ago#9
Shotgun loaded with stasis plus a sprayer that ejects liquid nitrogen that freezes necromophs dead in their tracks. Using the Sprayer known as the Cryo Torch to freeze then use the shotgun or bash them to finish them off is a way to kill the necromorphs; I named it the Cryo Blaster.

Also try your hand at crafting weapons on the game site, link below
3 years ago#10
Can't really say until im playing the game. I always liked the Force Gun and Line Gun a lot. Maybe a mix of those two?
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