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You can pre-purchase the DLC Expansions...... (Archived)Jiryn12/7/2013
Blueprint for Automatic Rifle? (Archived)Nate54532/7/2013
possible difficulty exploit? (Archived)Ninja_Gaignun72/7/2013
Message to the Board: Watch after the credits! *MAJOR spoilers!* (Archived)xXxHaven11752/7/2013
Heavy elite MK-V supercharged kinetic projector with negotiator line gun. (Archived)
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Graphics between consoles? (Archived)e101gamma62/7/2013
Interesting difference between this and DS1&2 (Archived)KajexXIV62/7/2013
Level with The Pack start spawning? (Archived)SamieFish12/7/2013
Streaming impossible playthrough. This game ain't easy. (Archived)-Tetsuo-52/7/2013
I"m looking for a good image of the space walk scenes or ending. (Archived)Jiryn12/7/2013
Is the rentry part scripted? *slight spoilers* (Archived)CalistoCoon12/7/2013
Hardcore rewards... *sigh* (Archived)
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Rage fills my entire soul (Archived)Wayoftheninja52/7/2013
Supply depot side mission... (Archived)XOmegaProphetX42/7/2013
I finally picked up the original Dead Spaces and this one (Archived)Slayer_2242/7/2013
A little confused about a certain enemy type and how it dies. *spoilers maybe* (Archived)CalistoCoon32/7/2013
Dig Deep suit and Flight suit? (Archived)Trigx22/7/2013
Question regarding New game plus and ending !!Spoliers!! (Archived)fat_irish_guy72/7/2013
Favorite suit so far? (Archived)gOwCoD482/7/2013
Question about upgrading weapons.... (Archived)DisgracefulSins22/7/2013
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