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StickyALL trading posts MUST be made on the Trading Board (Sticky)SBAllen (A)13/27/2013
For those saying the game is bad here is some food for thought *** (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Tuition-Free177/13 7:04AM
Survival Run (Archived)DelDante16/17 1:25AM
Honest opinion on this game? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
TheKingTodo326/13 12:26AM
More players. This or GoW3 (Archived)MettaWorldPeace95/21 11:27PM
Looking for some people for "All Aboard." (Archived)TitanSmash15/20 3:55AM
Add me up. (Archived)Ianbayliss2325/16 5:59AM
Pleasantly surprised at how bad this game is (Archived)Lathissamus25/1 5:20PM
Survival mode difficulty (Archived)JoshuaHarnetts54/26 5:53AM
Survival (Archived)getXnaekidXent24/24 7:09AM
Getting 126 stars to unlock Tai (Archived)JoshuaHarnetts34/23 8:28PM
I have never played a game with so much testosterone (Archived)ShamblerQ54/22 8:58PM
Co oP order (Archived)heatmaster2834/22 4:26PM
Looking for coop partners (Archived)bluecabooseDEM14/19 5:29PM
Anyone play alot of Team Deathmatch? (Archived)kusheddout14/18 2:20PM
Any Domi-Gnasher fans wanna add? (Archived)Tuition-Free14/17 8:31AM
Gears of War: Judgment Berserker (Archived)RyunixGiganko24/17 8:28AM
Seriously.. (Archived)llxzachxll24/11 4:42PM
Sophia Section 2 Insane Declassified Help. (Archived)AznToxin14/9 6:54PM
In what order should one play the Gears games now sense GoW:J is.... (Archived)McGuirex354/9 5:58PM
Why didn't splitscreen save? (Archived)ballmonster14/8 11:07AM
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