Anyone having problems synching with

#1Johnrap316Posted 1/16/2013 10:29:17 AM
So far the Xbox has only synched with once. It took me several attempts to link, even though my password was correct, the game kept saying it couldn't connect to So, finally it connected once and my XBL and Nike+ got linked. However, since then, every night, I get a message that it can't connect to

What is going on? Anyone else having this problem?

I think linking to is kind of essential for this game. I have all my other pieces of the Nike Fuel puzzle connected and daily synching with However, the xbox just doesn't want to synch or keeps rejecting them. I don't know the problem.

Anyone else having the same problem? Anyone know a solution?


This is a great game by the way. Even without the synching it's way better than Yourshape Fitness Evolved.