Lowest price for the game?

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User Info: zepfya

3 years ago#1
Does GMG have the lowest price or is there a better deal somewhere else? Thanks.

User Info: Link_AJ

3 years ago#2
depends what you're looking for, 50 euros is not exactly low
you can buy a cd key for much less
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User Info: MyFavoriteGun

3 years ago#3
Well, gamefly has a 20% off coupon. Assuming you're in the states, that comes to $56 for the deluxe edition. The standard edition is $48 with the discount. (Which is cheaper than amazon's price of $49.79)

I'm not sure about Europe. There are a bunch of sites which seem to be selling a deluxe cd key for pretty low, if you trust them. That's only for Europe though.

The gamefly coupon, which is valid through sometime past August 20, IIRC, is


EDIT: There's a UK version of this coupon too. I believe it's

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User Info: cloud0123

3 years ago#4
On Amazon it says 59.99 now.

WTF happened to the 49.99 price!


User Info: cloud0123

3 years ago#5
Why can't the amazon PC download be just as much as the DVD? So lame.

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