**EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: For anyone who DIDN'T get this game through Steam!**

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When launching Splinter Cell: Blacklist through Uplay PC, the Autopatcher crashes during the patch installation or at the end of the patch installation.

Is there a direct link where I can get the latest patch?

If you prefer to manually download your updates or are encountering a technical issue with the Uplay auto-patcher, you can find the relevant download links below:

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist Patch v1.01

NOTE: You must first have Splinter Cell: Blacklist installed on your PC BEFORE installing the patch.

1. Download the the v1.01 patch for Splinter Cell: Blacklist here:

http://static3.cdn.ubi.com/splinter_cell_blacklist/Splinter_Cell_Blacklist_v1.01.exe (~1.7 GB)

2. Save the file to your computer (by default, Windows generally saves files to the Downloads folder).
3. Open the file named: Splinter_Cell_Blacklist_v1.01.exe. Follow the instructions on the screen.
4. After the patch has been installed, launch Uplay and start Splinter Cell: Blacklist as normal.

http://i.imgur.com/uNhRK.gif http://i.imgur.com/79fyyM6.gif
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Patch Notes v1.01

IMPORTANT INFO: for any disk version or digital PC version except STEAM (Steam users do not need to install this patch)
Installation of the patch is strongly recommended as it fixes a number of issues and provides a greatly enhanced player experience.

Crash Fixes
- AAR screen
- Loading into CO-OP match
- fix alt-tab crashes
- fix alt-tab on windows 8
- fix alt-tab issues on machines with multiple GPUs
- fix window minimization issues
- fix texture crash on incorrect texture info
- fix crash on thread storage release
- fix active sound crash
- fixed crash when resolution is less than 2x2
- fixed device lost crash
- fix crash in paladin
- fix asset load crash
- fix crash when running and defending the teammate who had the intel
- fix deadlock between ui and loading
- fix loading hang
- fix crash opening doorway to hallway leading to tunnel
- fix host crash in hadron collider
- fix crash in voron station
- fix hang in AAR screen in multiplayer
- fix getting stuck in shadownet interface
- fix crash after falling under elevator
- fix crash sliding down ladder
- fix crash on quit to desktop
- fix crash with multithreaded physics
- fix crash on checkpoint reload
- fix crash in silo

- fix hold not activating vision modes
- don't allow WASD/mouse when controller is on
- mercenaries no longer prioritize capturing over killing when using mouse & keyboard
- allow back button when input is blocked for MP scoreboard
- fix reset to default for gamepad
- allow controller connection on SMI screen
- mouse position no longer reset every tick
- scrollbars can now be dragged by mouse
- set correct scrollbar positions in friends party list and key bindings
- fix for not being able to melee in certain locations
- fix intel grab priority
- fix for losing control of input when disconnecting controller during loading
- fix for not being able to switch weapons during countdown
- fix windows key usage

- hide mouse cursor between transitions
- select button removed when mouse and keyboard are default controllers
- hook up mouse clicks correctly in co-op lobby
- mouse movement no longer triggers skip prompt
- quit to desktop option added for ADV/COOP modes
- fixed flicker on selection wheel when using mouse/keyboard
- prevent overlap in chat text
- fix gadget ui
- show clan tags in text chat
- fix mouse interaction with gamma slider
- fix missing button prompt
- fix rogue agent messaging
- fix back button alignment
- fix loadout display visibility on controller disconnection
- fix missing skip prompts
- fix tutorial buttons
- fix text in progress menu
- fix disappearing ui when resetting to defaults
- correctly localise video settings
- update mode option on mission preview when cycling through modes
- fix loadout menu
- fix geotips getting clamped
- fix pulsing icons
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- fix erroneous camera movement when moving mouse and exiting SMI
- fix slowdown when SSAO and MSAA is on
- fix object flickering
- fix white outlines on particles in MSAA mode
- fix vision mode with occlusion system
- fix MSAA causing some objects to have black squares in DX11
- fix field AO flickering in DX11
- fix bullet casing flickering in DX11
- fix SSAO glow on characters in DX11
- fix black textures in DX9
- fix occlusion flickers
- fix laser dot sight
- fix refresh rate issues
- fix character rendering on customization screen in MSAA modes
- fix streamable texture issues
- fix incorrect viewport sizing on first launch

- low spec CPU optimization
- multi-GPU optimizations
- fix framerate drop issues

- detect outdated drivers
- correctly set resolution based on system validation

- fix music sequencing in ADV modes
- fix erroneous audio restart when alt-tabbing during video playback
- fix achievement unlocks
- fix assist scoring
- fix ladder playlists
- network replication fixes
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Thanks for the info. But how is anyone getting a crash with Uplay when the game isn't even released yet?
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Well this is just the launch patch that steam must download automatically but something is wrong with the uplay autopatcher. I guess these are all bugs they caught/fixed after a point in time where it couldn't be sent with the main game download. Once we are actually able to download the game on uplay we need to download and run that exe
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Graybes posted...
Well this is just the launch patch that steam must download automatically but something is wrong with the uplay autopatcher. I guess these are all bugs they caught/fixed after a point in time where it couldn't be sent with the main game download. Once we are actually able to download the game on uplay we need to download and run that exe

i am going to be honest.... with that amount of fixes for day one release. i am not looking forward too it. that is so mental.

they apparntly had devolpers just for the c version, it sadly sounds very unstable. glad mine though steam.
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lmao... still it wont take the shoddiness crown from double agent pc, which to this day is literally unplayable for many people
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The game doesn't launch after the patch. Great stuff indeed!

EDIT: Changing "WindowStyleFinal=1" to "WIndowStyleFinal=2" found in videosettings.ini under "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Ubisoft\Blacklist\" did the trick.

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LOL at that changelog, What a wonderful port! Ubisoft
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great job btw tc. now sticked XD i helped with that :-)
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