backup your save game!!

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2 years ago#1
I started the game today, it asks me what difficulty I want to play in and started the first mission... my save is gone! my multiplayer level is back to level 1!
2 years ago#2
me too mate, my pc crashed and when I restarted the game I was back to the beginning as well...

how do you make a backup?
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2 years ago#3
make a back up of where "Ubisoft Game Launcher" is installed and find
Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames

I think it's because when the game crashes the save gets corrupted. and isn't it ridiculous your multiplayer levels are stored in the save file? if you lose it you're back to level 1!! what game does that?
2 years ago#4
and of course when it starts a new game when your save gets corrupted, it uploads this new save to uplay cloud and erased my old save, good work ubisoft
2 years ago#5
In that case you can download Splinter Cell: BlackList PC Save Game from this link -

There are total 12 missions and every single mission save game file have been uploaded that you can use.

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