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Thoughts on Fisher (story spoilers) + other characters (Archived)47payne91/13/2014
a lot of noobs from the steam sales (Archived)SoundNetwork11/2/2014
Controller Issues (Archived)Vodoochild81212/27/2013
Cutscenes and Paladin are a slideshow, but gameplay is perfectly smooth. (Archived)trob32212/22/2013
Is Competitive dead? (Archived)ZurickSavesYOU412/21/2013
WTF?! Why Can't I Update The Game? (Archived)Littlemikesc212/19/2013
Hey, jus got the game and looking for people who play this (Archived)leon_trunks412/15/2013
Smoke (Archived)THE__END111/29/2013
Anyone doing Weekly Challenges that can help? (Archived)Inferenion111/19/2013
Blacklist DLC coming 2014 Fiscal Year (Archived)KevinPDZ0916211/14/2013
I want some DLC (Archived)ElricVanClaus111/3/2013
is it a bug or you definitely cannot melee Heavy Infantries from the front? (Archived)Quadrill510/30/2013
Anyone want to help me with the last Briggs mission? (Archived)GameMan987110/29/2013
How many times does this game have to update? (Archived)Nightshift1983310/22/2013
how do you fix the latest update? (Archived)Nightshift1983310/17/2013
Charlie Missions (Archived)CarlosLeao110/15/2013
is there a Deniable Ops equivalent and is it as good?? (Archived)GaMEQB11410/14/2013
matchmaking is soooo bad (Archived)T0p0f7heGun110/12/2013
man, steam thinks i played 100 hours of splinter cell (Archived)SoundNetwork110/12/2013
[Help] Campaing reset,same deal for SvM,statsa are untouched ?? (Archived)Aerendir110/8/2013
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