Heres to hoping this will be what dead island was supposed to be

#1mkfreddddiPosted 6/4/2012 5:25:05 PM
I mean i liked that game but it was nothing like the trailer. This is supposed to be a Survival Horror FPS, lets hope it doesnt disappoint
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#2MattkPosted 6/5/2012 4:03:54 AM
That's exactly what I said after I saw the trailer during the conference. Dead Island could have been an outstanding game but they completely ruined it by changing direction. Ubisoft hopefully saw that DI changed their initial game so now they can steal the glory of open world zombie survival RPG.
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#3TottentanzPosted 6/5/2012 7:37:53 AM
It even takes place on an island, so we can only hope.

I would not mind a little 28 Days Later or 52 Weeks Later vibe.