HipHopGamer interview, story elements revealed for the game

#1TottentanzPosted 7/27/2012 8:03:21 AM
Soso spoiler alert, it reveals some story elements, but it is not exactly a spoiler though some people may not want to know whether you end up working with other people or if there is multiple endings or not. I dont think it would spoil anything, but still, I am warning those who dont want to know anything about the game that this will inform you of something lol.

An assassin I know posted this on another board, and after viewing it, I had to post it here.
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Of course, one of the few good threads on this board get's 0 replies... at this rate, this board is going to be worse than the Xbox360 RE6 board.
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This is the kind of useful info we need more of- thanks TC for catching this!
But I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know.
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