How thick will the hordes get?

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Quote:butsizzle posted...
You need to calm down bro. This topic was supposed to be a quick question, and you've turned it into this big thing. Let it go...

Well, you're the one who questioned his knowledge of this kind of stuff, then he explained it thoroughly in a long post, and you claimed a long, thorough explanation disproved he had any knowledge of how this works.
Too many words for you?


His posts didn't make any sense, it was just a bunch of nonsensical garbage thrown together with no organization.

You guys came in here looking for an argument. I don't see any reason to believe that guy because he can't say anything without reiterating the whole beginning of the topic 9 times before explaining something in 25 pages of post and then expects anyone read it.

He doesn't sound intelligent enough to get a point across in a timely manner, therefore I have no reason to analyze his essays on a video game message board.

You guys came to defend a game that didn't need defending. And I'm still not sure what I said in my first post to make you think I wanted to go nuts killing zombies.
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I tell you what, I'm a reasonable person, cut out all the garbage and repost your explanation. Get to the point and stop fluffing up your posts, and I'll read them.
"Did you just say that you respect pedophiles?" - butsizzle
"Hell yeah." - _Sawyer
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Silly Rabbit, Fluff is for kids.

Like I said earlier, the problem is the software because it was originally designed for the 360.

You came back and sounded like you had no grasp on the matter by saying that they could turn down the graphics for more zombies, like it is a switch.

I reminded you that this is a demo, not the final game, and that hordes may be in it though if they choose to not have hordes it is either due to a dev choice or the limits of the software.

You called into question my knowledge.

I went to great lengths to explain it to you since a concise statement was not good enough, which now you are backtracking saying it is.

By the by, actually finding citation to prove that software issues exist when going to new hardware really does not need to happen if you have ever seen a Bethesda game on the PS3.

Actually hinting that the limits might be the hardware was a rude move, and you happen to have no proof other than anonymous sources while cited devs have stated straight out that NDA keeps them from filling in the dots though they can say it is really powerful and has newer tech that lets them do new wonderful things.

PS: You were answered at the beginning then you chose to respond in the manner you chose which started all of this. Next time and this time, accept the response and either say "thank you" or dont bother posting a response if you have something unrelated to say. You acted like you never read the comment that this is just a demo, it is still being worked on, this may not be indicative of what will be in the game. That is when I did the short comments, but we have moved on since then.
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"Did you just say that you respect pedophiles?" - butsizzle
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Thick enough to please a girl
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Quote:Thick enough to please a girl

Buh-dum, tss...

That was pretty bad.
"Did you just say that you respect pedophiles?" - butsizzle
"Hell yeah." - _Sawyer