I have to stop playing then what?

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4 years ago#1
This might have already been answered but lets say I'm playing and I got a lot of stuff in my inventory and I've been playing for hours and haven't died yet. Now something comes up and I have to stop playing and turn off my wii u. The next time I turn it on and play again do I have to start from a new character or will there be some sort of save when you quit? and if so what would stop people from copying there save so when they die they just load up the save from before they died?
4 years ago#2
You can save and quit.

I would assume there's an autosave feature when you die. I wouldn't power the system off when that's happening either, since it would probably corrupt it.
4 years ago#3
This was already answered from before, I believe.

The game, from what I can remember, has no hard saves. The game automatically saves as you go along and being bitten probably automatically instigates the save file being overwritten.

As for pausing the game, I believe there has been mention of a pause, but it pauses the entire game freezing you where you are and not allowing inventory manipulation like some would hope.

For the instances where you are surrounded by zombies and doomed to die, with the mindset the game saves as you go, I dont believe you will be able to shut things off and try to jump back to some save point in hopes to get out of this situation.

However, no matter how clever programmers are, there are always exploits, loopholes, things they miss, and I believe there will be things on the Miiverse or Gamefaqs telling you how to exploit these.
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