Played demo at EuroGamer Expo

#1badmunky72Posted 10/29/2012 12:18:52 PM
I didn't bother buying a Wii and wasn't planning on buying a WiiU until i played a 10 minute demo at the EuroGamer Expo last month and let me tell you this is a must buy for survival horror or zombie fans. The new controller feels like a xbox/playstation pad and the screen is used in multiple ways, inventory management/scanning the enviroment/scoping rifles and a few other things they wouldn't talk about. The game plays like a true survival horror, limited resources/lots of zombies/rock hard and a well implemented permadeath mechanic. It's set in England which makes a nice change and there doesn't appear to be any gimmicks gameplay wise keeping it true to the zombie apocalypse. Pickmin 3 was pretty good too.