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4 years ago#31

Youtube link of said review
Obscure Creations
4 years ago#32
They gave RE 6 a 4.5 and the whole review was about him hating QTE and how he kept dying because he didnt bother to control the camera...given re6 isnt a great game but it didnt deserve a 4.5.

i find it odd that this big reviews that give low scores get on the net a few days before the game's release.

imho i trust independent reviews
4 years ago#33
Quite obviously just trying to stir the pot for hits like they did with skyward sword, where the guy playing openly admitted to not playing the game right, nulling his biggest complaint but still didn't change the score.
4 years ago#34
why are we arguing about a gamespot review? who cares what they think. i would listen to friend or someone at work before i would judge a game off a metacritic or gamespot score. i know what i expect in a game not these dumbaces reviewing them for me. anyways ill wait till tomorrow and judge for my own eyes and gameplay. to me it looks like something i would want to play
4 years ago#35
I'm just gonna play it myself and likely find the reviewer is wrong just like most reviewers.
4 years ago#36
The majority of the reviewer's complaints are just flat inappropriate. For example, he complains that firearms (and ammo indirectly) are not readily available, but it is a strict survival horror game, so of course melee is going to be more available.
4 years ago#37
snax007 posted...
Not a terrible review...maybe a little harsh he doesn't seem to appreciate the slow and.methodical survival (Dark Souls) style and instead wants it to be faster like L4D.

Stop kidding yourself. It's a terrible review.

Gamespot's reviewers are capable reviewers able to judge games on their premises.

No, they're not.
4 years ago#38
Ahh that's too bad. I was so excited for this game. I might just have to buy it when the price drops, or wait for some more reviews.
A sea, where a fallen musician can only lament his failure.
4 years ago#39
I am not going to lie the game does seem like it would get boring after awhile and the AI doesn't seem to be good either.
4 years ago#40
I want to smack the reviewer's head with a cricket bat. And people rely on that kind of *** ?
Le ratchet tabarnak !!
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