just watched the gamespot review. did think this after watching it?

#21Protoman_X38Posted 11/19/2012 2:14:57 AM
Logical_One posted...
MP is a requirement now?

You're an idiot.

MP in games that don't NEED IT is one of the many things killing games nowadays. Whatever game it is they tack on MP and assume it will extend the life of the game--even for games that have no business having an MP mode.

I'm not even saying ZombiU could not benefit from MP but the attitude that it SHOULD HAVE MP is dumb--almost as dumb and pathetic as you are for trolling the boards of a game you don't like (and potentially don't even own).

The game DOES have multiplayer, and there isn't an online option, that's the problem. There is no reason to not have both options other then laziness on the devs part.